"Yoga allows us to be creative and have fun while exercising and feeling great from the inside out."


Vinnie Salemno is a fitness professional, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and yoga teacher. Growing up as an athlete, ranging from soccer and baseball, to competitive running, eventually, organized sports became more of a chore and exercise started to lose it's appeal.


    Originally from Philadelphia, Vinnie graduated with a business degree from Penn State University, and moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of business entertainment. After quickly realizing this was not the right career path, he found yoga. Exploring many different types of yoga throughout LA, Vinnie kept coming back to Vinyasa Flow. He completed his 200 Hour Teacher Training certification under globally recognized yoga instructor, Tamal Dodge. 


    Coming back to his athletic roots, and newfound love for group fitness classes, Vinnie began exploring strength, weight, and interval fitness training. Having tried out many gyms throughout Southern California, Vinnie found his home at LockBox LA. It was here in which Vinnie went from gym member, to employee. Applying his passion for yoga and mobility, to their ongoing success with strength and weight training group classes, paved the way for Vinnie's own Personal Training business. 


    Mentored by gym founder, and nationally recognized celebrity trainer, PJ Stahl, Vinnie learned the programming, science, and business behind the Personal Training and Fitness industry. Learning just how different every body is, customizing unique workouts became his primary focus.  Catering to each client's individual wants and needs, Vinnie provides safe and effective mobility, cardiovascular conditioning, and strength training during each and every session. It was through one on one private training sessions where Vinnie was able to truly witness and track his client's distinct progress, developing his overall passion for helping people.  


    Vinnie continues to train his clients at Lock Box LA, located in Mid City, Los Angeles. Vinnie is also available for private, in home training sessions, bringing the workout to you or a small group. You might also catch one of his weekly yoga classes at many of the Equinox gyms throughout LA.   


    Vinnie believes that everyone can benefit from Personal Training, and loves nothing more than the rejuvenating glow in his clients and students faces after a healthy, sweaty workout.