Choose from 4 ONLINE Coaching Packages:
Athletic Muscle


      8 Weeks, 4 Days/Week 


      Workout just like your trainer Vinnie does! This program follows Vinnie's own personal workout routine, building lean, athletic muscle, chiseled abs, conditioning stamina, trimming body fat, and increasing flexibility. This program is great for the intermediate to advanced, who have a gym membership but are not seeing results. With this package, you will no longer wander from machine to machine, or look around at others for guidance. Instead, you will efficiently exercise with structured programming for fast results!


Trim Down and Tone Up


   8 weeks, 4 days/week


      This program is perfect for at-home workouts, requiring minimal equipment.

This package will reduce body fat, shred your midsection, trim and tone 

loose ends, and increase mobility and flexibility. Inspired for beginners or those just getting back into the swing of things. This is great for the stay at home parent, pre/post-partum mother, or if you work from home with minimal free time and a busy schedule. 



Build and Bulk


  16 Weeks, 5 days/week


     This program is curated for beginner, intermediate, or experienced gym-goers, looking for serious results. You will gain muscle mass, reduce body fat composition, shred your core, set personal records, and creatively challenge your current regimen. Not just for bodybuilders, great for men and women, this program will safely trick your muscles and your body into the best shape of its life!



Total Body Transformation


  16 weeks, 5 days/week


      Designed to slim, trim, and transform your body from the outside in! Created for beginners in the gym, but applicable for all levels, this program will destroy body fat, slim your waist, chisel your core, tone your limbs, and build radiant confidence from the inside out to live your best life!



Included in Every Package:


     Initial phone consultation, fitness assessment, and goal setting 

     Detailed workouts (via True Coach app)

     Video demonstrations 

     Weekly progress check-ins (email, call, or text)

     Bi-weekly progress pictures

     Nutritional guidance

     Supplement advice

     Social media sharing and promotion

     Before/after pics on my website