Group Fitness

Vinnie's love and dedication to group fitness is apparent in his power yoga, strength, conditioning, circuit, weight training, treadmill, and boxing classes at many of the Equinox gyms in Los Angeles. With his creative and challenging programming, Vinnie's vivacious personality provides a fun, safe, and effective workout to beginners and advanced athletes alike.

Personal Training

Personal Trainer Vinnie Salemno provides each client with an initial fitness assessment consultation, determining each individual's goals, and developing programming to meet each client's unique needs. Vinnie specializes in providing effective mobility, strength and conditioning, and cardiovascular training based on the client's fitness plan and time-line, implemented in each and every personal training session.

Corrective Specialist, Pain Reduction, and Injury Prevention

Applying his passion for yoga and mobility, Vinnie provides clients with a structured plan to improve areas of the body suffering from strain and/or injury.

Vinnie specializes in the reduction of lower back pain, muscular tightness and soreness, corrective stretching, core and posture training, foam rolling, and trigger pointing, improving one's overall quality of living.